BitFenix Pandora Case

Building a bigger Pandora box

Case builder BitFenix originally had the small form factor crowd in mind when launching the Pandora, a relatively compact case for micro ATX and mini-ITX systems. Now just over a year later, BitFenix is back with its Pandora design, only this newer version is bigger and can accommodate standard ATX motherboards.

The new Pandora ATX is only offered in black at the moment. Like its smaller sized predecessor, the Pandora ATX flaunts a 2.8-inch LCD on the front, which you can load up with custom logo or graphic. If that's too gaudy for your tastes, BitFenix offers a version of the case called Pandora ATX Core that skips the LCD.

BitFenix includes a 140mm fan up front in the Pandora ATX (it supports up to two of them, or three 120mm fans) and a 120mm in the rear of both the Pandora ATX and Pandora ATX Core. There's also room to add up to three 120 fans or two 140mm fans up top.

"Internally, the Pandora ATX stays true to the BitFenix DNA of innovation – this time mainly evident in the one-piece power cover design, effectively creating a separate bottom chamber for the PSU and HDDs at the bottom," BitFenix explains. "This solution gives added space for exposure of hardware for modding projects, improves case rigidity and shields HDD and PSU noise."

The Pandora ATX supports up to four 3.5-inch drives (up to three in the Pandora ATX Core) along with four 2.5-inch drives (two in the Pandora ATX Core). Both cases can fit graphics cards up to 440mm (around 17.3 inches) in length, PSUs up to 220mm (~8.6 inches), and CPU coolers up to 160mm (~6.29 inches) high.

We've reached out to BitFenix for information on pricing and availability and will update when we hear back.

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