When the first trailer for Bird Box dropped, it looked like Netflix’s next great movie. Not only did it feature a unique concept, it also boasted a heavyweight cast led by Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock. A week after debuting, it has already become the most watched original movie on Netflix.

Netflix revealed that over 45 million accounts had streamed the suspenseful thriller over the last week. That mark is the best ever for a Netflix movie during its first seven days of availability. That tops the Will Smith fantasy thriller Bright, which debuted with just over 40 million views over its first week last December.

The streaming service is notoriously secretive about its stats, only revealing them when there’s something to boast about. This definitely is one of those occasions.

On top of achieving the record-breaking feat, Bird Box has become a phenomenon in the world of memes, which is no doubt boosting interest in the movie. The image where Sandra Bullock is blindfolded has become fodder for anyone with a joke in mind.

Look for Bird Box‘s popularity to continue into the new year when people have a lot of down time to stream movies of interest.