dragon age legends dragon

BioWare's browser and mobile division based out of San Francisco has just become the latest video game studio to be shuttered. The team responsible for the free-to-play Dragon Age: Legends and browser-based Mirror's Edge 2D was comprised of roughly 25-30 employees, all of whom have been laid off.

In a report from Games Radar, they claim their source inside the studio says that it was simply "too expensive" for EA to keep them running. EA has yet to officially comment on the matter.

Dragon Age: Legends was a minor hit, garnering a few fans around the net after being one of the few recognizable names from the HD market to pop up as a Facebook title. The servers were pulled a year ago, but the studio soon made a free offline downloadable version available through their website.

More terrible news of smaller studios taking the bullet. Thanks for your hard work guys. Hope there is more available.