Alright, I'll admit it, I'm completely new to the MMORPG genre. A friend of mine got me a copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I partitioned my MacBook Pro, installed Windows 7 and got the game running.

So far, at maybe level 15, it's been a lot of fun. I selected the Smuggler class and have been flirting my way across the galaxy in a desperate attempt to be like a slightly nerdier, but much more obese, version of Han Solo. It's been working wonderfully.

Too bad that when it comes to the actual fundamentals of playing an MMO, like "kiting" and DPS, I'm like, well, I'm like this dog here:

Thankfully, BioWare, the studio behind SWTOR, are going the extra mile for complete amateurs like myself. They announced that they'll be doing a series of tutorial videos and blog posts centered around making their open universe a bit more friendly for folks like me.

This is Star Wars, my fellow nerd brothers and sisters. If there ever was a brand capable of bringing completely new faces to a gaming genre, it's this one. Star Wars Galaxies did it back in 2003. This franchise should come with a tutorial when it impresses itself upon more complex genres of entertainment.

The clip above is the first tutorial in the series. While I didn't need help with the character creation part of the game, I am looking forward to when BioWare gets deeper into character builds, skills and companions. Oh, and Huttball.

[via BioWare]