The Doctor is in and ready to make some games. But not at BioWare, and not making PC or console games.

BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk is getting back into games at the head of a studio called Biba, a mobile game studio focused on integrating physical activity with augmented reality and digital gaming.

"We want to change what screen time means," said Matt Toner, President of Biba in a statement released by the studio.  "Our games bring kids back outside and turn playgrounds into the ultimate destination for modern families to go for healthy, active fun.  Thanks to our partnership with [playground equipment provider] PlayPower, we think we've blended the richest parts of mobile play with the unadulterated fun of jumping, swinging, sliding and playing outdoors."

Biba explains the concept:

Playgrounds are transformed into the wreckage of robot spacecrafts that have crashed on Earth, and players interact with their very own companion robot, which encourages the player to explore the playground through its whimsical eyes. The games marry a colorful interface intended to foster the imaginations of kids ages 3-9 with a unique 'embodied play' game philosophy that encourages kids to actualize their gameplay with their bodies.  Fun and age-appropriate physical challenges are reinforced through points, high scores and badges that can be shared online and with friends.

Some of the games, once ready, will be playable at PowerPlay playgrounds that will make use of augmented reality, while others will work in any play space.

It's not the return many gamers were probably hoping for, but we're glad to see Dr. Zeschuk back in the industry.