BioShock and BioShock 2 have joined the now over 300 games pile of Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One. That’s some pretty good news.

Want some even better news? The original BioShock look stupendous on the Xbox One. That’s not always a guarantee, friends. These backwards compatible games sometimes suffer on new hardware, so this is a really wonderful thing to see.

Digital Foundry did a comparison of BioShock and BioShock 2 on the 360 and Xbox One. The original crushes it. The sequel? Not so much.

Now you have a choice between the remasters and the oldies

If you’re looking at this video and thinking you’d like to play BioShock (maybe for the first time, even), you now have some options. If you’re on the Xbox One, you can dig up an old copy of the 360 version or scoop it up digitally from the Xbox LIVE store. It’s $19.99.

You can also just take the leap and pick up the remastered collection that offers BioShockBioShock 2 and BiShock Infinite for $39.99.

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