Irrational Games has announced the fourth and final installment of their Heavy Hitters series. This time, BioShock enters the spiritual realm of the dead with the Siren.

These ghostly goddesses are unlike any nemesis previously encountered in the franchise. Not only do you have to worry about taking down the Siren, but watch out for the resurrection of those all too familiar foes around you. That's right, what the Siren brings to the fight is the ability to raise fallen adversaries from the dead and give them a shot at round two.

With the release of the fourth Heavy Hitters video, we now have an idea of what we're going to be up against in Irrational Games' next iteration of BioShock. We have the Motorized Patriots, the Handymen, The Boys of Silence, and now the Siren. This new set of enemies all bring a unique threat to the series, while staying true to the creepy nature that we've all come to know, love, and of course fear from BioShock. Come on, we've all paused the game at some point in a BioShock title to turn on the lights. The third episode in the franchise seems to be no different.

You can plan on picking up your copy of Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite on October 16th, 2012 in North America for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The title is set to launch worldwide on October 19th.

With this being the final episode of their Heavy Hitters, we'll be sure to share any other information Irrational Games has in store for BioShock Infinite with you as it begins to surface.

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