Video game limited editions never cease to entertain the masses who don’t buy them. Irrational Games and 2K Games have taken yet another step down wacky lane by announcing the BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition, and it just rolls right off the tongue.

For $149.99, an additional $90 on top to the suggested retail price, you get exactly what the name suggests, a 9.5″ statue of the Ultimate Songbird. It’s strongly reminiscent of the first BioShock Special Edition which had a 6″ pack in Big Daddy, but that was only an additional $10.

To be fair, that Big Daddy made the trip to Japan with me and is still staring from my shelf five years later, so he was definitely worth what I paid for him.

The Ultimate Songbird Edition will also contain a key chain, a board game piece for the upcoming BioShock board game, an art book, a lithograph, and a few in-game digital goods. Without the bird statue, these will be included in the simple Premium Edition which will sell for $79.99.

You can check out the collector’s editions at Irrational Games’ official website.

I finished with the idea of Collector’s Editions back in 2007 after that clunky Mass Effect tin case didn’t fit on my shelf. $59.99 is plenty of money for a simple video game, and I plan to drop just that when BioShock Infinite gets released next February 26th.

[via Destructoid]

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