BioShock Infinite‘s city of Columbia has just found its way into the Disney Infinity Toy Box as a piece DLC. Hundreds of potential great Disney franchises have been put on hold to make room for something not even related to the media empire. How long before this thing becomes totally non-Disney focused now?

Albeit, this is not the horrific futuristic city you might have blasted your way through a few times, although it does feature a complete skyline. This Columbia is a cartoonish shadow of the aerial hell Irrational Games created, and in a way, works. We’ve always envisioned Columbia as Disney World gone bad, from its recreation of a more innocent time to its starry eyed Disney princess of a heroine.

Perhaps both of the companies made the same connection, or both companies are just interested in breaking into the other’s core audience. Or maybe Disney made the city up in a way that doesn’t infringe entirely upon the BioShock Infinite brand.

Four other new DLC towns coincide more directly with Disney, including some set pieces inspired by the cult-classic motion picture Tron. Other’s are based off sections of the Magical Kingdom, like Jungle Cruise.

Despite its undeniably obtuse relationship to Disney World, I’d like to bomb around in a model Toy Columbia, and I’ve always loved Tron. I am waiting for more classic Disney properties to pop up in the Toy Box before I finally jump aboard. Robin Hood, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Snow White anyone? Makes me wonder if Kingdom Hearts 3 will arrive before they do.