During the E3 demo shown off to the gaming press two weeks ago, Irrational Games brought forth the concept of tears into BioShock Infinite. As Ken Levine, Creative Director and Co-founder of Irrational, explains in the video above, Elizabeth is capable of reaching into these dimensional tears and pulling objects through to help players in their fight.

As Levine explains, these tears allow players to take on moments in the story in completely unique ways. While he gives an example of three limited choices, I know for a fact that the world tearing mechanic can happen more spontaneously than that. I saw it performed in an instant during E3, in a way that dramatically changed the course of the fight we were viewing. It's not just as simple as pick A., B., or C.; it's more about coming up with the best strategy in any given situation. And that's a quality that makes BioShock Infinite similar to the original game.

What Levine does not discuss in the video above, the one you all should totally should have watched by now, is the tease that fans see at the end. That moment, when Elizabeth tears the world around the dead horse away from Columbia and reveals a dirty street in front of a movie theater actually played out for a few more seconds in the press demo. The flick playing at the local theater is Revenge of the Jedi; you get it, fellow Star Wars nerds, the original name for the VI episode in the space saga. So that places that moment in time at around the early 80s.

Get ready for transdimensional and transtemporal travel in the third entry in the BioShock series next year. BioShock Inifite is currently planned to release for the PlaysStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 sometime in 2012.