Gamasutra ran an interesting discussion between the site and a small group from the Irrational Games team. Irrational is the studio working on the upcoming BioShock Infinite, and they're the studio that created the awe-inspiring original BioShock from several years ago. The Gamasutra story discusses failure and what the Irrational team takes from it in order to create their games. The group involved in the discussion includes Ken Levine, Tim Gerritsen, Sean Robertson and Nate Wells.

As the team explained, it was through failure and the drive to continue failing that Irrational moved form their original ideas for BioShock Infinite towards the beauty we saw rule E3 earlier this summer. At the onset of development, the Irrational team owned up to the fact that BioShock Infinite looked too much like the original BioShock and the city of Rapture. From Nate Wells, "That's when we came to the conclusion we had to do some aggressive change to make it a distinct look…"

Levine instructed the studio to open the world up, add more brightness and show more blue sky. The Gamasutra story reveals that Levine was almost literally telling the developers to open the clouds and show off the bright nature of Columbia, BioShock Inifite's city.

Lead Artist Sean Robertson explained what this was like for the team.

"It was uncomfortable for us…Ken started literally pushing back the clouds — 'bluer, bluer!' We were really uncomfortable with it, our initial reaction is it's a little bit cartoonish…. but when we saw it in context, that was our a-ha moment."

BioShock Infinite may carry the branding of the original title, and there are likely ties to the game in the story, but its look is completely and entirely unique. The project feels brighter, yes, but the combat, enemies and plot seem to come together to form a more ferocious and intimidating experience. Rapture literally pressed gamers in on all sides, Columbia may lure players into its gorgeous style simply to play hell with their trust.

I can't wait for that to happen.

[via Gamasutra]