Irrational Games has posted the first five minutes of the upcoming "Burial at Sea" DLC, the first bit of story driven downloadable content that's part of BioShock Infinite. You can dig into the footage at the head of this post.

Maybe the first five minutes of "Burial at Sea" are amazing. Maybe they're terrible. Honestly, I wouldn't know.

See, while I'm perfectly fine with sharing videos like these when developers and publishers make them available, I'm personally the type of gamer who likes to avoid spoilers. Irrational Games has always been incredible when it comes to the opening moments of their games. Think back to the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Those titles open wonderfully, and I'd assume the same is true for "Burial at Sea."

So, I haven't watched the clip above. It's there, nonetheless, and you're welcome to enjoy it. Me? I'll wait for when the DLC officially releases to experience the first five minutes on my own.

If you did watch the clip, am I missing out?

The "Burial at Sea" DLC is simply listed as coming soon. Once we get more information regarding a release date, we'll be sure to share it.