Ken Levine on Twitter

After basically closing Irrational Games once he was finished with BioShock Infinite and its DLC, Ken Levine formed a new studio within 2K Games and got to work on another game.

Yesterday on Twitter, Levine opened up to taking a string of questions from fans about his new project. Those questions lead to an interesting set of notions, some totally predictable, surrounding this new effort.

Let's start with the basics. This will likely be a first-person title.

The game is, and I love these terms, both "sci-fi ish" and "open worldish." Ha.

Levine says they're looking at films from creators like Kubrick and Wes Anderson for inspiration (talk about two very unique styles). He says the title will offer a "replayable narrative," chapter-like structure and a completely new universe.

It sounds like something Levine would work on, and I offer that without a single measure of insult. It's a compelling set of ideas, though we really have nothing too concrete here to go on.

I will say that I dig Kubrick, Anderson, sci-fi themes and the idea of a replayable narrative. All of that sounds great. How it will come together for a game? We'll find out when Levine is good and ready to tell us.