YouTube is great, but the search results can be a headache. Thankfully there’s a better alternative and it comes from a pretty unexpected source: Microsoft.

The Redmond company recently rolled out a redesigned version of Bing video search, making it easy to find great YouTube videos. The updated site also puts a big emphasis on music, which makes up a huge chuck of Google’s video streams. Moving forward you may be better off heading to Bing to listen to your latest favorite song.

Type in the name of a popular musician, and you’ll see a list of their best songs along the top of the screen followed by a grid of videos. You can also search for a specific track and Bing will still serve up a list of songs from the same artist. It worked within a pretty big range, recognizing Taylor Swift, The Beatles and Hot Chip, though searching for R&B legend D’Angelo didn’t bring up a list of tracks.

A search for TechnoBuffalo also brought up a few of our older videos. So if you’re looking for something specific that’s not music-related, YouTube’s main site may still be your best option. If you want to hear a certain song or musician, however, check out Bing.