kindle-fire-hd-both-modelsOne of the more interesting developments regarding Amazon’s new lineup of Kindle Fires is the fact that each uses Bing as the default search engine. You’d think Google would be number one on a Google-made OS, but since Amazon uses its own browser, that just isn’t the case.

Bing has fought long and hard to become a relevant search engine among Google’s incredible dominance, and it’s become a pretty great alternative in the process. But Google is absolutely everywhere, and it’s basically become synonymous with the Web as a whole. If you want to follow the white rabbit, you use Google.

If you’re a Google die-hard, you can change it to be your default browser — any flexibility is welcome after finding out you won’t be able to opt out of Amazon’s Special Offers. Either way, it’s a pretty smart move on Microsoft’s part to get itself onto such a product, and will only help to make Bing more visible among consumers.

[via ArsTechnica]