Microsoft announced a pretty big update to Bing Image Search on Friday that may finally convince you to switch over from Google. The new and improved service is expanding to include products you can buy, extra information, content from Pinterest and more.

The addition of product information is still in beta, but it looks pretty promising. Bing will offer up a list of places you can buy any particular item along the bottom of the screen. Microsoft already includes a bunch of different shopping sites, and plans to add even more soon.

Even if you’re looking for pictures of something that can’t be purchased, Bing will still offer up extra information. For example, a picture of a national park is accompanied by a few details culled from World Trail Finders. Microsoft is also adding images pinned on Pinterest, more size options, and quick access to pages that host a particular picture. Finally, the update includes a general redesign that looks a lot sleeker than the old Bing Image Search.

Microsoft says the new version of Bing will roll out in the next few weeks, though when exactly may depend on what device you’re using. The update is headed to, PCs, computers, tablets and smartphones running Windows and Android or iOS.