Microsoft announced on Friday that it has updated its Bing search engine with an updated version of its Facebook sidebar, which was first introduced last year. The bar shows social results, so if you search for the Galaxy S4, for example, you'll see posts from your friends related to that topic. It even travels back through time to find results for more obscure search queries. We tried testing by searching "Orange Juice" and received several Facebook social results from status updates friends posted as far back as 2011.

Now, however, you can also see comments that are relevant to your search, leave your own comments or like a status. We were curious why Bing even needs this feature, but Microsoft makes a decent argument:

Let's say I'm searching for Beyoncé tickets because I know she is coming to town soon. I can see that my friend has recently posted that she has an extra ticket to the show. Now without leaving the Bing results page, I comment directly to her post letting her know that I'd love to join her for the concert. I've gone from simply browsing to attending a concert in just a few easy steps – all thanks to Bing.

You can start using the service by heading to Bing and connecting it with your Facebook account now.