Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society, recorded a nearly six-minute video aimed at President Donald Trump and his administration with recommendations for the future of the United States space program. The science guy lists off the benefits of past projects and the importance of innovation by going over five recommendations.

  1. Mars is the goal.
  2. Orbit (Mars) first.
  3. Strengthen NASA science.
  4. Embrace commercial space.
  5. The Five-over-five plan.

Here's the video with specifics:

Space exploration matters

Without getting political here, I find myself in the camp of believers in the importance of space exploration. It drives humanity forward with invention as it presents a common problem worth tackling with science and engineering. Its achievements encourage kids to aspire and adults to revel. Space is one of the last mystifying frontiers, and frontiers are what drive human progress.

It sounds sanctimonious, I'm sure, but I'll always contend that reaching for the practically unreachable is what drives progress. That's what pushes people to do more and be better, and space is something we can all strive towards.