You remember Bill Nye (the science guy). He rose to fame in the early ‘90s with a show that combined science and entertainment. If you haven’t seen his show, you’ve at the very least heard the program’s catchy theme song.

The quirky host charmed audiences through humor and education, using parody and guest appearances to teach topics related to science. Nye is well know for perfecting the format and exposing younger generations to science in a fun and accessible way.

Although Nye hasn’t had his own show since the late ‘90s, he will return to TV—well, streaming—with a new show called Bill Nye Saves the World. The format is slightly different compared to Bill Nye the Science Guy but science is still very much a focus.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Bill Nye—science guy, educator, mechanical engineer, and curator of curiosity—returns with a new show. Each episode of Bill Nye Saves the World tackles a specific topic or concept through lively panel discussions, wide-ranging correspondent reports from a cracker jack team, and Bill’s very special blend of lab procedure and sly personality.

It’ll feature celebrity guests

So, Bill Nye basically has his own talk show, where he and other popular personalities discuss topics of science, such as GMOs, global warming, and sex. And it’ll feature plenty of celebrity guests, too, including Zach Braff, Rachel Bloom, Diamond Stone, Tim Gunn, Donald Faison and more.

Personally, I prefer the old format of Nye being an eccentric science guy in the lab by himself. But maybe that’s just the young kid in me talking. Bill Nye Saves the World hits Netflix on April 21.