Age of Empires

Microsoft co-founder and all around nice guy Bill Gates opened up to the people in a Reddit AMA this week, answering a good many questions about his philanthropy, outlook on the future, and obscure RTS franchises that don't really have much place left in the world.

During the AMA session, Reddit user le-click asked Gates if we could have a new Age of Empires game in the near future. Of course, Age of Empires was a huge Microsoft hit in 1997, back before the days it broke into the console market with the Xbox. However, sequels couldn't save the franchise in the long run, and it has since wandered out of relevancy in recent years.

Never mind that Gates doesn't have much to do with Microsoft anymore, let alone its game development. Gates fielded the question, responding with his own question in turn.

I will look into this. How many empires do you need?

You know? I don't think Bill Gates is really going to look into this one. It's a fun joke and a nice gesture, but he's got more important things to worry about these days than a real-time Civilization game.