Oooh — a way to keep gadgets all powered up and maintain a set of nicely toned legs? Well, count me in…

Not only can Silverback‘s new Starke city bikes get people from Point A to Point B, but they’ll also keep their devices charged and ready to go without having to install a third-party kit. The Starke 1 (with assisted electric motor) and Starke 2 feature a built-in USB port that works off a dynamo hub. The USB port itself is seated directly in the forward part of the bicycle’s nickel alloy frame, and sends juice to low-voltage gadgets like mobile phones, MP3 players, or GPS units. And when the hub’s not charging up gear, it powers a handy integrated lighting system.

But why stop there? Riders could plug in a USB fan and keep cool on the road, capture footage of the bike’s POV in motion with a consumer vid recorder… or just keep a cuppa nice and warm on those chilly morning rides.

The Starke range of bikes weighs in from 25 to 31lbs, depending on the model, so they’re not prohibitively heavy. As for the price, there’s no word on that yet, but these models are nicely designed for performance as well as aesthetics, so I’m guessing they won’t be cheap. Hopefully, though, there’ll be enough demand to usher in a bona fide trend. After all, tech geeks could use all the fitness help they can get, no? (Or maybe I’m just speaking for myself…)

Silverback seems to do business mostly in Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East, so if you’re a techno-forward cycle jockey who’s as hardcore about their bikes as they are about their gadgets, and you live in one of those areas, keep your eyes peeled on the Silverback Labs site for word on availability.

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