This one’s so nuts, I thought I was reading an excerpt from a wacky novel for a moment there.

You know that little side area on Facebook that suggests people you might know? Well, that “helpful” referral area lead to disaster for corrections officer Alan O’Neill when his current wife’s face showed up in the sidebar of another woman… who just so happened to be his first wife! Not ex-wife, mind you, but a woman he married in 2001 and never divorced.

Yep, Mr. O’Neill is a bigamist. And he was foiled by the biggest social network on the webs.

When Mrs. #1 saw Mrs. #2’s Facebook photo, she clicked through and saw a photo of the woman, a wedding cake and the same hubby who had ditched her three years ago. In 2009, O’Neill (then named Fulk) left the marriage, changed his name, and — I guess — forgot to tell his first wife or legally end the union before slapping a ring on another woman.

#1’s reaction to the pic? She called his mother. Next thing you know, O’Neill’s at his first wife’s doorstep, begging her not to cause trouble. She asked if they were legally divorced, and he admitted that they weren’t, but promised to take care of the matter. But #1 wasn’t having any of that.

I imagine the scene must’ve gone down like this:

O’Neill: Please, baby. I’ll take care of everything. I promise.
Wife #1: You mean, like you promised to love, honor and cherish me?
O’Neill: D’oh! But that was a long time ago.
Wife #1: You’re a liar and a snake, Alan Fulk.
O’Neill: Uh, it’s O’Neill, remember? I changed it when I left yo… uh, I mean…
Wife #1: That’s it. Where’s my phone? You’re going down.

There’s plenty of reason to believe it could’ve happened like this, since the Fulks didn’t exactly part ways amicably. And Mrs. #1 has already lost her patience with this once: In 2010, a year after they split, #1 was arrested for an altercation with the future Mrs. #2.

And that, ladies and gents, is how #1 recognized #2 when Facebook ironically dished her up as someone she may know. (Indeed!) And maybe an indication that Facebook is just too damn good at digging up contacts from every corner of a user’s life.

As for O’Neill, if this were fiction, he’d be sitting in the same jail he once worked at, but he’s not. Instead, he’s on administrative leave, awaiting a court date later this month. Let’s hope he can keep from getting married again between now and then.

[via Washington Post]