Looks like the big Hangouts overhaul everyone has been asking for is finally on the way. Thanks to Android Police, we have what appears to be a completely redesigned Hangouts for Android, not only making the app prettier to look at, but more functional overall. What currently feels really messy and unintuitive might finally turn out to be the messaging app Google has been trying to make all along.

Instead of breaking the layout into two columns (conversations and people), Hangouts 4 will now feature a single column of messages, stamped with a + button that will be the epicenter of everything you do. Press it, and the animation will reveal contacts, along with the ability to start a video call, new group or a single conversation. It’s much easier to understand, and brings a lot of different functions under one roof.

Meanwhile, Hangouts 4 will change up how the messaging screen looks for a cleaner layout. The chat bubbles have received a design tweak, while adding attachments is now much easier. Additionally, you can apparently set your status, too, which will display at the bottom of your main Hangouts window.

Android Police didn’t say when the update will be available, and warned that a lot of these changes could be scrapped. But if you’ve been waiting for Hangouts to actually be usable, this update is one to look out for.