If you aren't excited for Big Hero 6 by now, I don't know what to tell you. The early trailers have hit all the right notes, displaying a slick balance of humor, emotion and action. And that doesn't even mention the animation, which looks pretty incredible. The latest trailer shows more of the Big Hero 6 team, which consists of a motley crew of average do-gooders (and one very puffy robot!).

The backdrop of San Fransokyo (San Francisco and Tokyo mashup) looks absolutely delightful, and so far the jokes are really hitting on all cylinders. We're introduced to more of Hiro Hamada's life, who is apparently the city's resident battlebot champ. Disney and Marvel have already proved introducing audiences to an obscure comic book series can be hugely successful, and there's no doubt in my mind Big Hero 6 will be a hit at the box office.

Sit back and enjoy the almost two-minute clip. Big Hero 6 will hit theaters on Nov. 7.