Samsung will reportedly make a drastic component change with the Galaxy S8 in an effort to make sure that it absolutely avoids another massive Galaxy Note 7 disaster. According to a Korean news outlet, Samsung is tapping a Japanese supplier to provide batteries for the Galaxy S8. While the news is still largely unsubstantiated, it also makes sense for Samsung to make this decision.

Samsung used its own battery division, in addition to batteries from another company named ATL Co., to provide batteries for the Galaxy Note 7. Ultimately, there were issues with batteries from both suppliers, causing Samsung to issue two different recalls for the Galaxy Note 7 and kill manufacturing of the smartphone off entirely.

Murata to provide Galaxy S8 batteries

The outlet suggests Samsung KDI, which provided some of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries, will also supply some of the Galaxy S8 units. Murata Manufacturing will provide the rest. Samsung has said that it’s increasing the stringency of its battery tests, so it sounds like it’s basically just trying to distance itself from China’s ATL Co., at least for now. Murata actually acquired part of its battery business from Sony Energy Devices Corporation back in October, so while it might not be a household name here in the US, it’s very much a big player in the space.

Samsung is expected to tease the Galaxy S8 during Mobile World Congress next month before unveiling it sometime in March or April.