Seattle-based Big Fish Games announced Tuesday the release of its cloud-based game streaming service, Big Fish Unlimited. The new service allows subscribers to play several games across their smartphones, tablets and PCs for a monthly premium of $7.99.

Not the first mainstream cloud-based gaming service, Big Fish Unlimited goes after the casual gaming audience instead of console or desktop gamers.

A live demo at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle detailed more than 100 games from 42 different developers in Big Fish's current content library. The demonstration showed how a user could seamlessly transition from playing a game on a PC to playing it on a tablet.

Big Fish Games also announced a partnership with set-top box maker Roku, which will bring its new service to streaming media devices later this year.

Big Fish's Will O'Brien explained the technology behind his company's game streaming service requires "zero source code changes" from software developers for their games to work with the new platform.

"It is the future of games, that's what this day is all about," said Big Fish Games co-founder Paul Thelen in his keynote address at Casual Connect. "Casual games are ideally suited for this technology."

While some people may agree with Thelen's statement, a cloud-based streaming service is only as reliable as its data connection. Big Fish's website lists a minimum data connection of at least 1.5Mbps.

Thelen feels that mobile gaming is the future, but also acknowledges that PC and Mac-based gaming won't be going away anytime soon.

"The future is mobile, but be very clear the PC and Mac world is huge," said Thelen, who notes that his company plans on helping developers port their mobile games to both PC and Mac.

In addition to its premium pay service, Big Fish also offers a free ad-based version of the service with as many as 20 different games.

For a more detailed look at what Big Fish Unlimited offers, check out the promo video shared with the audience during today's conference.

[via: Geek Wire]