Sprint’s been touting its 4G network from day one, being the first carrier to start its 4G rollout.  AT&T and T-Mobile will likely push their HSPA+ networks to similar speeds we’ll see on early 4G networks.  We know 4G will eventually replace the soon-to-be-dated 3G speeds on nearly all carriers but it looks like Verizon might be getting in the game before the year’s end.

4G Network Rollout (LTE)

Engadget got their hands on some allegedly internal Verizon documents for their 4G network plans that boast the speed differences we’re likely to see from its LTE rollout.   Among the benefits of LTE (4G) over 3G include:

  • Higher Data Throughput Speeds — 5-12 Mbps Down, 2-5 Mbps Up.
  • Lower Latency — 30 millisecond data travel end to end within Verizon’s network.
  • Inherent Global Mobility
  • Improved In-building Penetration


Verizon is already estimating that 100 million people will have 4G Verizon Coverage by the end of 2010 with USB modems being among the first devices to take advantage of the 4G network.  Engadget also snagged a picture of a 4G SIM in the wild that’ll soon be making its way into LTE-enabled devices this year.

Tiered Data Plans Enroute

AT&T was the first of the big four to slice your allowed data usage down to size with their two-tiered data limitation. Engadget says similar changes are likely to hit Verizon before the month’s end – July 29th they hear.  The changes are likely to be competitive, if no the same, as AT&T’s where users with existing plans can grandfather over their unlimited packages.  New subscribers, though, will likely have to choose between data caps and forgo the possibility of an all-you-can-eat data buffet.

Does this mean we’ll see the iPhone go 4G next year?  Will Verizon’s data plans trump AT&T’s?  Will Sprint and T-Mobile follow suit?  Let us know what you make of it in the comments.