The private space race is moving along at a breakneck pace with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin setting monumental goals. Blue Origin has a newly announced target in mind that’s a big step for Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company.

Erika Wagner, Blue Origin Business Development Manager, spoke at the New Space Age Conference at MIT’s Sloan School of Management on March 11. It was there that she indicated Blue Origin’s goal for getting humans in space.

“We’re trying to get to our first human flights within the next year. That’s a laser focus for the team right now.”

Safety first, of course!

They’re looking to get people into space quickly, but they won’t do that before they’ve taken proper precautions. Here’s Wagner again.

“We’re really taking that to the next level and proving out a rocket before we ever put our first human on board… We don’t believe in qualifying a [specified] number of flights. We believe in qualifying performance. We really believe that safety comes from how well you understand a system…

As soon as we’re ready, we’ll have humans on board. We’re not there yet.”

Blue Origin should hit orbit with humans before the end of 2018.