Over the weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, Quantic Dream's upcoming Beyond: Two Souls boasted a two hour presentation. Part of that presentation was one 35 minute long scene from the game.

I'll say this up front: while I'll gladly post and share this lengthy bit of gameplay footage, I will not be watching it. 35 minutes feels like a huge chunk of gameplay to me, and it's not one that I'll likely enjoy as much if I were to see it now and then again while playing the game.

That said, if lengthy gameplay is your thing, or you're just really curious about Beyond: Two Souls, have at it above. If you're like me and would prefer things stay relatively spoiler free, here's a new nearly three minute long trailer.

Beyond: Two Souls will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on October 8th, 2013. This game will star both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. We'll have more on it as it comes.

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