Today's the day that Quantic Dream's newest effort releases for the PlayStation 3. The studio that brought the world both Indigo Prophecy and, perhaps more famously, Heavy Rain is set to make noise again with Beyond: Two Souls.

The fresh launch trailer above shows off Ellen Page, the real world actress cast for the lead role in this gaming effort. Hopefully her performance is solid enough to push players through what's bound to be a game that relies heavily on the likes of Quick Time Events.

Of course, Director David Cage wouldn't like us calling the control scheme here a series of QTEs, but what other options do we have? Timed button presses, the game?

We'll be reviewing Beyond: Two Souls once our copy arrives… which should be today. Perhaps we'll already have a few hours logged by the time you read this post. Whatever the case, expect our full opinion soon.

Are you planning on picking this one up?

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