For the past half year or so, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been the victim of rumors that say it will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. Now, several rapid-fire news stories came out to claim otherwise, assuring that the game will be coming to different consoles and even hinting that the Switch is not one of them.

Up first is the game’s director, Michel Ancel, who said on his Instagram account that the game is “no Switch exclusive as far as I know.” You would think that the director would know if his own game was exclusively going to a certain platform or not.

The game’s official website, Space Monkey Program, also requests that people sign up to play the game in advance on their preferred platform. Only the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC were listed as its options. The Nintendo Switch is nowhere to be found.

However, Michel Ancel said that the options were “buggy” and Ubisoft would be fixing it soon.

Nobody knows just yet. Ubisoft has not confirmed the platforms for Beyond Good & Evil 2, and there are enough contradicting rumors to not come to any conclusions just yet. We’ll wait for an official comment from Ubisoft.