Well, that didn’t last long. Ubisoft finally gave Beyond Good & Evil fans hope of a new game with the concept art teases, and already, the long awaited sequel is back in the habit of skipping out on conventions. At least someone was able to let us know ahead of time not to expect the game at E3 this year, allowing us to dodge our shattered anticipations once again.

According to Director Michel Ancel on his Instagram account, he and Ubisoft are not entirely sure that E3 2017 would “be the best place to” show off the game.

But we’re working on the game so sometime this year,you should hear about it.

Nintendo ties are holding it back for another day

It’s widely rumored that Nintendo is somehow involved in the funding and publishing of this game, most likely landing it as a timed exclusive for a year. Nintendo and E3 often go hand in hand from the show floor, but when it comes to press conferences, Nintendo often does its own thing with the Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

In this light, it makes sense that Ubisoft would want to wait until Nintendo was ready to pitch the game, not take it up on the big stage of its own. Of course, there is also the possibility that the game is just simply too early in development and we’ll have to wait another decade before seeing even more footage.