Blackpowder Games has announced it is creating a new heavily stylized monochrome FPS called Betrayer. The recent trend in monochrome brings to mind Sin City, LIMBO, MadWorld, and even The Unfinished Swan, though I doubt Blackpowder Games’ project has any relation with that last one.

Not only does the game’s excellent sense of style give it an edge over the competition, but the talent behind the title is no slouch either. Blackpowder Games is made up of former Monolith Productions staffers, the studio responsible for the popular No One Lives Forever and the atmospheric horror shooter F.E.A.R..

Betrayer is entirely self-funded, so no more controversy should be arising over the IP like what Monolith ran into with its F.E.A.R. series. The game takes place in 1604 during the discovery of the New World. You take control of a colonist out to uncover the fates of local settlers and natives, all of whom have gone missing, and your arsenal is made up of weapons to match the era: crossbows, muskets, and tomahawks.

Looks great so far, and I’ll be sure to keep it on my radar. Monolith has been grade-A in creating worlds for their action to take place in, and this is one of its most ambitious yet. No platforms have been announced.