E3 2017 is just around the corner, and that means Bethesda's E3 show is, as well. The company has been on a roll the last few years, revealing big games each year and delivering on them before the next E3. Bethesda's marketing boss Pete Hines tweeted out an adorable image on Friday made up to look like an amusement park map giving us an idea of what we can expect to see at this year's show.

Starting clockwise from the Fallout-themed entrance, we first have Dishonored 2, which released in 2016, and Prey, set to come out on May 5. Then there's the first of two "Under construction" sections of the park. Next are the Elder Scrolls Online, Doom, and Quake Champions, followed by that second unannounced section.

Let's break this down

The two unannounced sections are, obviously, the most exciting, There are a few possibilities as to what those could be. While Elder Scrolls VI is one possibility, it's a distant one. Bethesda's creative director Todd Howard has said that ES6 is a long way out, and Bethesda usually doesn't let the hype train run long enough to show a game at E3 twice.

So what's more likely? Bethesda has a few potential irons in the fire they could pull out. One of these is almost certainly a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. Hints have been dropping since E3 2016, and it's been nearly 3 years since the last one. Hints suggest the game will be called Wolfenstein: The New Colossus or something along those lines.

Aside from MachineGames, Bethesda has a few other studios. Arkane Studios is about to release Prey, while Id Software is working on Quake Champions. That leaves us with Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within. A recent job posting suggests that a sequel to that game is in the works, too. While a new Wolfenstein would certainly be worth the airtime, I'm not sure The Evil Within does, so I'm hoping there's something that'll really surprise us in there. Bethesda has a few other studios that focus on multiplayer for studios' existing games, and Bethesda Softworks itself is big enough to be working on multiple titles – something they've confirmed. As much as I like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, I wouldn't mind seeing that team tackle something completely new.

Of course, Fallout 4 VR will "feature prominently" in the show, and Skyrim on Switch has yet to make an appearance following Bethesda's confirmation earlier this year.

As for the announced and released (or soon-to-be-released) games on the list, it seems likely they'll get some airtime, too. The Elder Scrolls Online and Quake Champions are both online-only games, so additional content for those is a foregone conclusion. I'd love to see Doom, Prey, and Dishonored 2 get some expansions as well, though. A Doom one seems unlikely at this point, but Dishonored is new enough that it's a very real possibility.

Bethesda's E3 show is on Sunday, June 11, and we can't wait to find out what Pete Hines and Co. have prepared.