Bethesda's Battlecry, if I'm being completely honest, didn't exactly wow the world during its showing at E3 this past June. It was certainly the low point of Bethesda's first E3 press conference, and it picked up absolutely no buzz on the show floor over the week.

The upcoming free-to-play title might not be picking up much praise internally, either. Speaking with Progress Bar, a Bethesda rep explicitly said the publisher has concerns about Battlecry.

"We have concerns about the Battlecry game and whether it is meeting the objectives we have for it…

…We are evaluating what improvements the game needs to meet our quality standards. The studio remains busy during this process on multiple projects."

It seems like they have the game in hand, putting the studio working on it on other things and are deciding whether or not it's worth the time to publish and support the game after launch.

Battlecry looks, well, off. If Bethesda's citing poor quality on this one, it's probably never going to see the light of day. Only time will tell.