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Trying to create that certain ambiance in your home or workspace? It's amazing how a subtly scented candle can set off just the right mood. Scented candles are the quintessential decorative elements that always deliver that perfect aroma and classic look. This fragrant product line offers far more than the old wax on a wick, however. Below we've compiled a wide range of favorite scented products that can light up any type of space.

Best value: Yankee Candle Large Jar - Pink Sands

Staff Pick

Contained in the classic Yankee Candle lidded jar, this perfectly pink candle emits a mixture of citrus, floral, and vanilla scents that can transport you to an exotic beach in seconds. We love the combination of classic Yankee style and the long-time favorite Pink Sands fragrance. Even better - the largest size is available at an excellent low price point.

$15 at Amazon

Holiday vibes: Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar

Depending on the time of year, this refreshing candle will either bring to mind majestic pine forests or a majestic Christmas tree. The gold and green snowflake design makes this large tumbler candle a perfect winter decor piece.

$32 at Amazon

Flameless fragrance: Yankee Candle Shimmering Lattice Wax Warmer

If you love the fragrance of candles but wish to avoid lighting a flame in your home (due to pets or small children, for instance), a beautiful wax warmer will be just the thing. This gold lattice wax warmer heats up Yankee Candle wax Meltcups and gives off both a soft light and your favorite Yankee scents, without the danger of a candle flame.

$50 at Amazon

Favorite for men: Yankee Candle Tumbler - MidSummer's Night

Here's the perfect candle to complement a modern bachelor pad. Its black color will blend into almost any color scheme or minimalist interior, and the Midsummer's Night fragrance is a subtle, yet masculine combination of musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany.

$15 at Amazon

Candle alternative: Yankee Candle Lotus Scent-Plug Air Freshener

You don't have to keep a candle lit to enjoy your favorite candle scents all day long. This air freshener attaches to an electrical outlet to emit the pleasing fragrance of any Yankee ScentPlug. At the same time, the elegant lotus flower design emits a soft light, adding to your decor as it releases fragrance.

$25 at Amazon

Romantic vibes: Yankee Candle RibbonWick Decor Glass - Lemon Lavender

The Yankee Candle RibbonWick line provides a charming alternative to the traditional candle. Its unique curvy wick creates a dancing flame that reminds one of a warm, inviting fireplace. Light it for a romantic ambiance and pleasant scent.

$31 at Amazon

Lamp style: Yankee Candle Jar & Shade Gift Box

Is it a candle or a lamp? In fact, it's both! This Yankee Candle gift box comes with a Beach Days candle jar and a blue candle shade that fits over it for a glowing, lamp-like effect. The glowing blue glass and sandy, breezy scent will transport you to your favorite beach.

$23 at Amazon

Decorative piece: Yankee Candle Elevation Collection 3-Wick Candle - Citrus Grove

Now, this is an elegant candle. Yankee Candle's Elevation Collection makes each candle into a sophisticated decorative element. The attractive glass container can be set atop its brushed metal lid for a pedestal effect. When you light the three wicks inside, you'll get thrice the light and thrice the scent as well.

$17 at Amazon

In Summary

Here we offer a full line of decorative elements and scented solutions to create just the right atmosphere in any space. Our favorite is the traditional Pink Sands Jar Candle because of its classic design, amazing fragrance, and affordable price.

If you prefer flameless scents, however, you should look into one of Yankee Candle's handsome wax warmers. Our male readers, on the other hand, may be looking for a masculine candle and scent combination like this Midsummer's Night tumbler candle. Whatever the atmosphere or color scheme, there's a scented candle for your space.

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