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Electric razors are the way to go to get a smoother shave and less irritated skin. These razors are also perfect if you are traveling or crunched for time as it is a quick shave. The Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver is perfect for all of your hair removal needs because it offers a close shave all over your body in both wet and dry conditions.

Best Overall: Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver

The Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver is perfect for removing short and long hair effortlessly. With the option to pop up the blade to cater to those longer hairs, this electric razor leaves your legs smoother than ever.

This particular electric razor is strategically designed with four sharp blades that are hypoallergenic and surrounded by a protective foil. This means that your skin is less likely to become irritated due to shaving. The foil also protects against accidental nicks or cuts.

Enjoy the benefits of this shaver while you're in the tub or even when you're just looking for a quick touch-up on dry skin. You don't have to worry about keeping this electric shaver out of the water while you're using it in the shower or tub as it can be fully immersed in the water without becoming rusted or damaged. You can also use this razor while dry for a close and smooth shave.

Charging this Panasonic electric shaver is simple as it comes equipped with a powerful NiMH battery. A full charge takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can shave your entire legs after only five minutes of charging. Once you've finished using this shaver, turn it on under running water and watch all of the residue wash away. You can then put it aside to air dry.

Some customers note that if this razor isn't treated properly, it can be quite fragile.


  • Wet and dry use
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Fully charges after only 1 hour and 20 minutes


  • Can be fragile if not treated properly

Best Overall

Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver

Fast-charging electric razor

This electric razor fully charges after only 1 hour and 20 minutes and can be used in wet and dry conditions.

Best Value: Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P

Just like the Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver, the Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P is designed to contour your body for a smooth shave. The Panasonic ES2207P features three independently floating blades that are hypoallergenic and extremely sharp. This ensures that you get a close shave without developing annoying razor bumps.

What's unique about the Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women is that this razor comes prepared with a pop-up trimmer. The pop-up trimmer allows you to easily maintain smaller areas such as your underarms and bikini area, while the shaver portion caters to the rest of your body.

Even though this shaver is electric, it is waterproof. That allows you the freedom to use it in or out of the shower. Cleaning is made easy with its waterproof features. Simply submerge the entire razor underwater, turn it on, and let any debris or residue rinse away. Ensure that you let it air dry outside of the tub to avoid rusting.

It takes 12 hours to charge the Panasonic ES2207P fully, so it is best to plug it in overnight. This will give you 20 minutes of powerful shave-time.


  • Features a pop-up trimmer
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Can rust if left to dry inside the tub

Best Value

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P

Electric razor with pop-up trimmer

This easy-to-use electric shaver features hypoallergenic blades and comes prepared with a pop-up trimmer.

Best for Face: LEUXE Facial Hair Remover

Removing facial hair is common for men; however, it is a growing trend for women in the beauty industry as well. Not only is shaving a great way to remove excess hair, but it also makes your face a smooth canvas for applying flawless makeup. The LEUXE Facial Hair Remover is the perfect electric razor for getting rid of unwanted peach fuzz. This razor is small and compact so you can bring it along with you everywhere you go.

This razor features unique stainless steel blades that are designed to cater to your cheeks, sideburns, chin, jawline, and upper lip. The dual blades are hypoallergenic, ensuring that you get an incredibly close shave without breaking out due to irritation. It also comes prepared with an LED light so you can see even the slightest bits of fuzz.

Although this razor runs off of one AA battery, it is still completely waterproof. The battery is not included. When you're finished using this shaver, twist off the head, empty out the residue, and rinse it under running water.

Some customers note that this doesn't work as well on coarse and long facial hair. You may need to trim your hair first.


  • Designed for the face
  • Comes with LED light
  • Easy to use


  • Battery not included
  • Not compatible with coarse facial hair

Best for Face

LEUXE Facial Hair Remover

Electric shaver designed for the face

This compact electric razor features dual hypoallergenic blades and is specifically designed for the unique contours of the face.

Best for Bikini: Philips BikiniGenie Cordless Bikini Trimmer

Designed for the nether regions, the Philips BikiniGenie Cordless Bikini Trimmer is excellent at maintaining those hard to reach places. This shaver works brilliantly at removing shorter and longer hair as it comes prepared with trimming combs in varying sizes. These paired with the mini shaving head leave you with a smooth and well-groomed bikini area.

The two included trimming combs are easy to use and come in 3mm and 5mm sizes. Simply decide what size suits your style and click them onto the head of the trimmer. If you have some areas that you like extra smooth, remove the comb and use the mini shaving head alone.

The Philips BikiniGenie is excellent to use on wet or dry skin. Its ergonomic design is easy to hold and easy to maneuver, giving you extra control in those sensitive areas. Once you've finished using this shaver, clean up is easy. Simply use the included brush to brush away excess hair and then rinse the shaver under running water.

This trimmer runs off of one AA battery, which is included in the bundle. Also included is a carry case to make transporting it from place to place easy. Some customers mention that this tool does not last that long, and they find that they have to replace the entire device sooner than expected.


  • Great for bikini area
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin
  • Batteries included


  • May not last as long as expected

Best for Bikini

Philips BikiniGenie Cordless Bikini Trimmer

Battery-powered electric razor for the bikini area

This small and compact battery-powered electric razor is specifically designed to maintain the bikini area.

Best for Hair Removal: Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator for Women

When looking to trim, shave, and altogether remove the hair from the root, the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator for Women is a perfect choice. With 40 rotating tweezers, this electric epilator can remove hair as small as a grain of sand. In fact, it can remove hair four times shorter than waxing with results that last up to four weeks.

This electric epilator also features a fully functional shaving head, which gives you the option of using the device as a razor for those sensitive areas. This feature also ensures that you are always left with a smooth finish. Also included is a mini bikini trimmer.

Feel free to use this shaver in the shower or tub as it is 100% waterproof. In fact, with regular use in the shower, the process of epilation becomes more and more painless. It only takes about 1 hour to charge this Braun epilator fully, and it offers 40 minutes of use with a single charge. There is also a built-in smart light to make seeing even the most delicate hairs a lot easier.

Some customers note that this shaver breaks easily if not handled with care.


  • Epilator, trimmer, and shaver
  • Removes hair from the root
  • Easy to use


  • Can break easily if not handled with care

Best for Hair Removal

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator for Women

Epilator, trimmer, and shaver in one

This epilator comes equipped with a trimmer and shaving head. It removes hair from the root with results that last up to 4 weeks.

Bottom line

If you like to keep your body soft and smooth regardless of the season, then an electric shaver may be just what you're looking for. With it becoming more common for women to shave their faces, electric razors have shifted from being manufactured solely for the body to being designed specifically for sensitive areas like the face too. It is crucial to find a razor that caters to all of your needs.

That's why we recommend the Panasonic Cordless All-in-One Advanced Electric Shaver because this electric razor is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as the face. It is designed to contour the curves of your face and offer a close and smooth shave in both dry and wet conditions. Enjoy feeling hairless with little to no effort.

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