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Wine has a personality, offering a variety of unique and delicious flavors that must be realized. To invigorate this tasty liquid, use a decanter. Decanters are shapely receptacles that receive wine to achieve the perfect, robust pour. These, often stylish, containers don't just hold wine, they liberate each flavor, ensuring they're properly aerated. Decanters are essential for the savvy wine drinker (and novices too), to help the reddest wines express their most complex notes, we've collected the best decanter options.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Wine up: Le Chateau wine decanter

Staff Pick

Awaken your next bottle of wine with this sleek decanter by Le Chateau. It's shaped in elegant hand-blown crystal with an elongated neck and rounded oblong body. The artful vessel accommodates 32 ounces of your favorite wine and features an asymmetrical spout for pour accuracy. You won't miss a drop with this essential decanter.

$43 at Amazon
Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Decanter attachment: Vintorio wine aerator pourer

Decanting doesn't have to leave the bottle with this easy pourer attachment. Its slender, curved design and angled spout aerates wine as it's poured. This convenient wine accessory is constructed with an aerating chamber and air intake system to introduce the right amount of oxygen for enrichment. The device is fitted with a ribbed and tapered rubber stopper to achieve a secure seal.

$16 at Amazon
Menu Wine Breather Carafe Render

Flip out: Menu Winebreather carafe

With one fluid motion, the wine will make a seamless transfer from the bottle with this handy carafe. Connecting the lip of the wine bottle to the unique decanter spout will facilitate the wine's efficient transfer. Wine can be served from the carafe or easily returned to the bottle following its aeration. This unique glass style has a long neck and stout body, perfect for housing your best bottle.

$50 at Amazon
Hicoup Wine Decanter Render

Unique shape: HiCoup wine decanter

An undulating u-shape offers a fluid, sculpted look to this wine-ready decanter. It makes a statement and makes wine taste great with proper aeration. Its unconventional shape has two openings, the larger for pouring the bottle and the smaller for accurate glass pours. Don't let the unique design fool you, it's constructed to hold 27 ounces.

$29 at Amazon
SIMPLIFIED BY JESS USBOQO lead-free crystal wine decanter

Built-in handle: SIMPLIFIED BY JESS USBOQO lead-free crystal wine decanter

Get a good grip on your wine intake with this curvaceous decanter crafted from lead-free crystal glass. Its teardrop-inspired design features an angled spout and an integrated handle for controlled, spill-free pours. The decanter does hold 40 ounces of wine, so the secure design essential. You don't have to hesitate to aerate a bottle or two in this large-capacity decanter.

$28 at Amazon
Brew To A Tea Wine Decanter Set Render

All-in-one: Brew To A Tea wine decanter set

Breathe life into wine with this sophisticated aerating decanter. The wide rounded design is pleasantly deceptive, pleasant because it unassumingly holds 60 ounces of wine. The oblong base stretches to a long, curved neck with an angled spout. This sleek decanter is accompanied by a cork stopper for freshness as well as brush, beads, and stainless steel drying stand for easy care. With this wine-perfect collection, each bottle will be a pleasure.

$45 at Amazon

Uncork the possibilities

Sometimes wine needs a little time to breathe to fulfill its potential, and decanters can help with this endeavor. Decanters are ornate glass containers featuring long necks and rounded bases, but they're not just decorative. Pouring wine into the decanter allows it to aerate, releasing its unique collection of flavors. Our staff pick is the Le Chateau wine decanter because it is a sophisticated and functional design crafted in lead-free crystal. With room for 32 ounces of wine, this vessel has a dramatic and accommodating shape, defined by a long neck and oblong base. Each delicious pour is delivered by the precisely angled spout for the perfect glass every time.

If you're looking for the results of a decanter without the grandeur, the Vintorio wine aerator pourer is a great selection. This decanter attachment effortlessly combines wine with oxygen using its aerating chamber and air intake system. It has an arched design and angled spout to fill glasses without waste. It attaches to the mouth of wine bottles with a ribbed, tapered stopper for a leak-proof seal.

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