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You don't want to keep serving your favorite, fine whiskey in typical run-of-the-mill glasses or coffee cups. Treat yourself to an enjoyable drinking affair with the best whiskey glasses. While picking drinkware comes down to personal preference, we can agree that appearance, drinkability, and nosing properties are essential aspects of the right whiskey glasses. With that in mind, here are our best whiskey glasses for a drinking experience worth writing home about.

Glencairn Whisky Glass Set

Royal drinking experience: Glencairn Whisky Glass Set

Staff Pick

There's so much we can say about the lustrous crystal Glencairn glass. The unique shape ensures that your hands are not in contact with the liquor-holding section, so there's no chance of warming up your drink. The tapered mouth and overall shape superbly concentrate all the nuances each whiskey offers, allowing the aroma to smack you right in the nose. Liquor connoisseurs hail it as the "The Official Whiskey Glass."

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Luxu Premium Whiskey Glass

Incredibly old fashioned: LUXU Whiskey Glass Set

Whether they're used at formal or casual gatherings, these glasses will not disappoint. They're sleek, classy, and sturdy, superbly crafted to maintain your liquor's full flavor profile. Besides, the glasses boast a massive base that nestles perfectly in hand. The manufacturer managed to delicately strike a balance of incorporating simplicity, sophistication, elegance, class, and "soul" in a single package!

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Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass

Best quality crystal: Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

Crafted from fine crystal, the way these glasses sparkle in the light will blow your mind. The thick walls, measuring 0.13 inches, are ideal for maintaining the temperature of your drink and make this glass virtually indestructible! These beauties are ideal for people who love their chasers and ice cubes thanks to a massive 10-ounce capacity. And they're very simple to wash either by hand or dishwasher.

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Paksh Novelity Glass Decanter And Glasses Set

Decanter and glass set: Paksh Novelty Whisky Glass Set

Apart from the six glasses, the 33.75-ounce decanter with a beveled fluted stopper is the icing on the cake. What puts these glasses in a class of their own is the elegant, classic diamond cut, with unique light-reflecting starbursts. Whether you keep them at your residence, in the office, or on the bar counter, this set will make a style statement. This set will make the perfect as a birthday or holiday gift.

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Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Beauty and elegance: Marquis by Waterford Markham Glass Set

From the famed Marquis by Waterford Markham collection, these glasses are crafted from lead-free crystalline. The 11-ounce glasses come in a four-pack, so you can maintain uniformity when hosting. The base weight and traditional style cutting add some pleasure to the drinking experience. And for the occasional scrape against the counter, these bad boys are impressively sturdy and can resist a knock now and then.

$40 at Amazon
Amerigo Impressive Whiskey Glasses

The perfect gift: Amerigo Impressive Whiskey Glass Set

Two beautiful glasses that offer a different drinking experience are included in this gift set. Made from crystal, these glasses are just what is missing from your bar, kitchen, or home. They come with chilling granite stones that ensure your fine drink maintains its original temperature, flavor, and taste. Besides, the luxury box is handcrafted and comes in a velvet pouch, perfect for gifting.

$30 at Amazon
Brumate Nosr Whiskey Glasses

Every moment is priceless: BrüMate NOS'R glass

Crafted from stainless steel and boasting a striking matte black finish, this beast is more than just looks. Courtesy of the BevGuard technology, the BrüMate NOS'R prevents dilution and has 20-times superior temperature retention than a regular glass, giving you an enhanced drinking experience. The food-grade stainless steel is shatterproof and rust-resistant, so it's perfect for people on road trips and camping. As an added benefit, it is ideal for places where glassware is frowned upon, like around your pool.

$25 at Amazon
Liiton Grand Canyon Whiskey Glasses

No decanter needed: LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass

We'd bet our last dollar that the unique mountain range design along the side of the glass took your breath away. Crafted from superior quality, commercial-grade crystalline, this glass is sturdy enough to handle any liquor and various cocktails comfortably. The interior design is 3D, making it a cut above the rest in innovation and class.

$35 at Amazon

Pour and enjoy!

The array of advantages that a well-designed and brilliantly crafted whiskey glass brings to the table is phenomenal! Not only does the glass maintain the taste of the drink, but it also keeps it deliciously chilled.

For single malt whiskey lovers, the Glencairn Whisky Glass is everything you have been looking for in a glass. Its unique superior design is purposely made to get the best experience of drinking blended whisky, single malts, and other whiskeys.

If you love experimenting with different cocktails, then the Luxu Whiskey Glass Set are perfect for drinking just what the doctor ordered! These short glasses can hold vodka, bourbon, scotch, whiskey, and the ice cubes because of its 11-ounce capacity. Shop for special whiskey glasses, and your drinking experience will never be the same again!

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