Summer is here, and there’s a good chance you’re already planning your next trip to the beach or the nearest swimming pool. Don’t let us stop you, but before you grab some sunscreen and head out the door you might want to consider gearing up with a waterproof case to protect your smartphone. We’ve all seen what happens when someone jumps into the pool with a device still in their pocket, so why take that risk? Here’s our breakdown of the best waterproof cases for the iPhone 5sGalaxy Note 3 and HTC One (M8).

iPhone 5s Waterproof Cases


One of the best waterproof cases for the iPhone 5s out there today is probably the Lifeproof nüüd, which offers total water protection without adding too much weight to your smartphone. The nüüd clamps down on your device to keep water out — you can submerge it up to 6.6 feet for up to an hour — but still lets you touch the display directly. It even works with Touch ID, and provides dirt and dust protection. This case isn’t cheap, but if you want total protection without sacrificing function this is your best bet. You can pick one up for $89.95.

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Last summer, Incipio made our favorite waterproof iPhone case, and this year the company is offering the impressive Atlas ID. As the name suggests, this case supports Touch ID as well. It’s also waterproof up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes and promises to protect your phone from drops, dust and dirt. The Incipio Atlas ID is priced at $89.99, but Amazon is currently offering the waterproof case for under $55.

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The Otterbox Preserver for iPhone 5s doesn’t officially support Touch ID, but its simple two-piece design makes it easy to snap the waterproof case on and off in seconds. This case is also dust-proof, drop-proof and waterproof up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes. Finally, the built-in screen protector keeps your display safe from scratches. You can order one for $89.99, though right now Amazon’s dropped the price to $76.21.

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SnowLizard SLXtreme Case for iPhone 5

The SnowLizard SLXtreme is the most expensive iPhone 5s case on this list, and for $149.99 you won’t even get Touch ID support. What you do get, however, is a built-in solar panel on the back that the company says will add 10 minutes of talk time for every hour it spends out in the sun—perfect for a day at the beach. It also packs a built-in  2,550mAh battery, and offers dirt, dust and water-resistance. Amazon’s offering a slight 13 percent discount on this waterproof case at the moment.

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Finally we come to Griffin, which says its working on a top-notch waterproof case for the iPhone 5s. Unfortunately the Survivor Waterproof still isn’t available, but you can head to the company’s website now to sign up for a 15 percent discount once it’s finally announced.

Galaxy Note 3 Waterproof Cases

Seidio OBEX note 3

Our top pick for Samsung’s flagship phablet is the Seidio OBEX, which promises to protect the Galaxy Note 3 from water damage without adding too much bulk to the already hefty smartphone. The design can also protect you from drops up to six feet, and still offers support for the S Pen and built in microphone and speakers. You can order one from Amazon right now for $69.95.

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DAYJOY Aluminum note 3

This aluminum alloy case from DAYJOY offer full protection with a premium feel. It’s also drop-proof, dirt-proof and dust-proof and includes a layer of Gorilla Glass to protect your screen. You can even use the camera underwater. The one drawback, however, is that this metal design can sometimes block your GPS signal. If that’s not an issue grab one online for $27.99.

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xyg note 3

This Galaxy Note 3 case from XYG offers a similar aluminum design with Gorilla Glass upfront, a few extra cutouts and a unique logo on the back. It promises to protect your phablet from dirt, dust, water, drops and fingerprints while still offering quick access to the S Pen stylus. It’s available on Amazon for just $24.

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ovi note 3

OVI’s water and snow-proof case for the Note 3 is one of the cheapest on this list, but doesn’t mean it won’t keep your phone safe from the elements. It also comes with the company’s own stylus for use when the screen is covered, though the door-hinge design means it’s never too difficult to gain direct access to the display. Grab one for $17.99.

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note 3 pouch

If you’re looking for a pouch-style case for your Galaxy Note 3 don’t worry, SumacLife has you covered. This waterproof pouch protects your device from water, dust and dirt. You can still use the camera thanks to its clear plastic design, but you’ll lose easy access to the S Pen. You can buy one for $29.99, though Amazon’s currently dropped the price to $17.95.

HTC One (M8) Waterproof Cases

HTC One M8-Google Play Edition-Silver-2

Unfortunately there aren’t quite as many options out there for HTC One (M8) out there, but we’ve managed to track down a few waterproof cases that should get the job done. First up is this pouch-style case from Amazon. It’s perfect if you know you’ll be around the water, but might be a bit too bulky for every-day use. Grab it on Amazon for just $9.99.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 2.29.52 AM copy

If you’re looking for a sleeker design the Aquapac is a decent option that will still keep your HTC One (M8) safe from the water. It’s waterproof up to 16 feet, while also protecting from dust and dirt. For $24.95 you’ll also get a carry cord along with the case.

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overboard m8

Finally, there’s the OverBoard, which will keep your HTC One (M8) safe up to 19 feet deep underwater. The case will keep your device protected from the elements, while also letting you make calls and take pictures. It even floats, so you’ll never lose your phone underwater. You can grab one now for $26.95.

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And that’s our roundup. Hopefully we helped you find and purchase a new waterproof case, but if you opted for something else or need help shopping for a different smartphone model sound off in the comments. If you’re rocking an older handset it might also be worth checking out last year’s post as well.

Oh, and one more thing: Cannonball!

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