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If you're looking for a fun and easy way to decorate notebooks, planners, or even your desk, consider picking up some washi tape. These small bits of tape are made from natural fibers and is created to help you add a bit of personal flair to your surroundings! It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns to help you find the best option for your needs.

Agutape 48 Roll Washi Tape Set

Starter pack: Agutape 48 roll washi tape set

Staff Pick

When getting started with washi tape, it can be overwhelming to try and pick out every design the piques your interest. The Agutape 48 Roll Washi Tape Set delivers plenty of tape to get you started with dozens of different patterns to choose from when decorating. Each roll is 3mm wide and 5 meters long, so there is plenty to give you a headstart on adding some personal flair to your journals. As a super-thin option, these are excellent for smaller areas or decorating your desk in thin lines!

$9 at Amazon
Mindful Margins Cute Washi Tape Set

Multiple sizes: Mindful margins cute washi tape set

When purchasing washi tape, buying one roll at a time can get pricy. The Mindful Margins Cute Washi Tape Set delivers 21 rolls in three different sizes, for an excellent price. Each roll has a different color scheme or pattern, and with thin, standard, and wide rolls, you have plenty of options for any size area you want to decorate. The colors and patterns are also exactly as pictured, so you know you can trust which rolls you will receive!

$9 at Amazon
Carousel Greetings Washi Tape

Extra wide: Carousel greetings washi tape set

Not all washi tape shares the same patterns or the same size. If you have a larger project, investing in broader washi tape like the Carousel Greetings Washi Tape Set is the right call. It comes with 16 rolls of 15mm wide tape in a variety of floral patterns. Along with being wider than many options, each roll is 23 feet long, so you know you'll have enough for your design projects!

$17 at Amazon
Scotch Expressions Washi Tape Multi Pack

Metallic tones: Scotch expressions washi tape multi pack

If you have a specific design plan in mind, any random pattern or color won't do it. The Scotch Expressions Washi Tape Multi-Pack delivers a 5-roll option in different metallic shades. This multi-pack is super affordable and includes silver, gold, bronze, and more. This option is also available in larger quantities, so you can purchase enough tape to finish what you have in mind.

$5 at Amazon
EnYan 7 Roll Washi Masking Tape Set

Great for scrapbooking: EnYan 7 roll washi masking tape set

Along with being a fun addition to journals, washi tape can help to personalize your scrapbooking! The EnYan 7 Roll Washi Making Tape Set delivers rolls that are ideally suited to decorate scrapbooks. There are three different varieties to choose from, and each set has wide tape with images on them. Each roll is 6.5 feet long, there are several different sizes of tape, and all of them can be written on using a pen or marker!

$9 at Amazon

Bottom line

Decorating your journal or space doesn't have to be complicated. Washi tape delivers an easy way to personalize journals, planners, scrapbooks, and even your desk or computer! There seems to be an endless supply of different designs to choose from in a variety of different sizes. Our favorite option is the Agutape 48 Roll Washi Tape Set. You get 48 different rolls of tape in all different colors and designs for a price that can't be beaten.

If you're looking for a set of washi tape that comes in a variety of sizes, then the best option is the Mindful Margins Cute Washi Tape Set. It delivers 21 rolls of tape in three different sizes and a wide variety of different designs to play with!

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