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Sometimes all you need is a simple washcloth to achieve a deep cleanse. These old school fabric squares have stood the test of time, keeping their status as holy grail cleansers because they are effective. Washcloths will wipe away grime, old skin cells, and dirt with little effort or need for prep work. There are options designed for gentle exfoliation and those designed for regular washes. Whether you need a few for your baby or yourself, we've gone the whole nine yards to bring you the very best.

Amazonbasics Terry Cotton Washcloths

Cotton white: AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloths

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These AmazonBasics fast-drying washcloths offer the ideal combination of strength and softness. They are soft enough to use on your face but strong enough to handle light general house cleaning tasks. Made from 100-percent cotton, they are spun in a looped terry design for strength and enhanced absorption.

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Spasilk Soft Terry Bath Washcloths

Perfect for babies: Spasilk 10 Pack Soft Terry Bath Washcloths

These soft washcloths are perfect for newborns all the way up to adults, especially those with dry, sensitive skin. The 80-percent cotton and 20-percent polyester combination create a lightly textured finish for a deep and gentle cleanse. They are easy to wash and dry quickly, making them perfect for daily use.

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Bamboo Organics Baby Washcloths

Best organic: Bamboo Organics Washcloths

These Bamboo Organics washcloths are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for babies, especially those with eczema and other skin sensitivities. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the natural fibers ensure the washcloths are safe for your baby's delicate skin. And they do get softer after every wash.

$14 at Amazon
Utopia Cotton Gray Washcloths

Perfect for gentle exfoliating: Utopia Cotton Gray washcloths

If white towels aren't your cup of tea, Utopia's gray washcloths are perfect for you. These cloths offer just the right level of coarseness to achieve exfoliation with gentle rubbing, and superior absorbency for wiping down surfaces around the house or office. Made from 100-percent ring-spun cotton with double-stitched hems, you don't have to worry about them unraveling.

$17 at Amazon
Luvable Friends Washcloths

Great value: Luvable Friends cotton washcloths

Caring for babies with sensitive and dry skin types can be expensive. If you're looking to cut costs without compromising on the quality, grab these cotton washcloths from Luvable Friends. The washcloths are 75-percent cotton and 25-percent polyester for maximum comfort and minimum irritation. They come in a variety of bright colors and fun patterns.

$9 at Amazon
Tia Fey Bamboo Washcloths

Luxurious: Tia & Fey Bamboo Washcloths

If you love bamboo washcloths but not colored options, grab Tia & Fey's white organic bamboo collection. They are made from 100-percent bamboo fiber resulting in an ultra-soft and plusher cloth. Since bamboo is known for excellent absorption properties, these cloths will gently cleanse and dry your skin without irritations.

$16 at Amazon
Tatuo Exfoliating Face And Body Washcloths

Full-body exfoliation: Tatuo Exfoliating Face and body washcloths

Fancy a day at the spa but not able to go? These exfoliating washcloths from Tatuo are perfect for a deep full-body cleanse. Both sides of the washcloths feature a rough texture that will help you achieve exfoliation with little effort. Soften your skin while stimulating circulation and achieve that glow from the inside out.

$11 at Amazon
Polyte Premium Microfiber Cloth

Mini microfibre cloths: Polyte Premium Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths contain thousands of microfibers per inch, perfect for superior absorption and cleansing. Besides, microfiber cloths are super soft and non-abrasive compared to cotton ones. So, they're great for removing makeup, deep cleansing, and exfoliation without irritating the skin. Always rinse and hang them to dry after use to keep the shape intact.

$8 at Amazon

Wash up

A good washcloth is the best-kept secret of skincare that has transcended time and skincare fads. You can also use one to wipe down surfaces around the house or absorb sweat at the gym. Whatever your needs are, AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloths have you covered. Each cloth is soft enough for use on the face and strong enough for general house cleaning. Stock up on a few of these super-white cloths and add a touch of cleanliness to your bathroom.

If you have sensitive skin or just love being gentle on your skin, Spasilk 10 Pack Soft Terry Bath Washcloths sound like a good idea. Since they're a combination of cotton and polyester, you get a lightly textured cloth that won't irritate your skin.

For general house cleaning or body exfoliation, go with Utopia Cotton Gray washcloths. Their construction process removes shorter fibers to help reduce shedding and fraying while offering superior absorbency properties. Since they are a neutral color, you don't have to worry about stains or unsightly marks.

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