Best Wallet Cases for the iPhone XS TechnoBuffalo 2022

A wallet case is one of the most versatile items you can buy for your iPhone XS. Not only does it protect your smartphone, it also provides the function of serving as your wallet meaning you have less things to carry around and that's always a good thing. Here are our picks for the best wallet cases for the iPhone XS in 2019.

Rugged, versatile and unique: Nomad Rugged Folio

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Looking for a great wallet case starts with Nomad's Rugged Folio for the iPhone XS. It carries on the company's unique Horween Leather finish combined with high-grade polycarbonate for the body and a raised TPE bumper for the utmost protection. It is sturdy, it is sleek, and it is rugged. The case has three card compartment and one compartment for cash with in the flip-out folio.

$60 at Nomad

The first-party choice: Apple Leather Folio

You can always go first-party with Apple's Leather Folio and you won't be disappointed. It is basically an amalgamation of the impressive Apple Leather Case with a Folio strapped on that adds two compartments, one for cards and one for cash. It fits the iPhone XS like a glove with matching aluminum buttons that are super tactile and it comes in a plethora of colors.

$99 at Apple

Slim compatibility: Bellroy Phone Case

Bellroy makes some truly outstanding leather cases and it comes as no surprise that its slim wallet Phone Case is one of the best wallet cases for the iPhone XS. Instead of folding out like most wallet cases, Bellroy incorporates the three-card slot into the body itself for a super slim form factor. It is only 146mm thick, and it is available in five stunning colors including Coral.

$75 at Bellroy

Protective armor: Spigen Slim Armor Case

Spigen's Slim Armor is an impressive case that is specifically made to protect your iPhone XS from anything through its dual-layered Air Cushion frame. It also happens to have a slide-out compartment that turns it into a wallet case. This compartment can carry two cards and some loose cash.

$16 at Amazon

Full-grain leather option: Pad & Quill Bella Fino Wallet Case

Pad & Quill makes a mean wallet case with its Bella Fino Wallet Case. Carrying on its signature full-grain leather finish that feels truly substantial, this case definitely stands out. Then we get to the fold out folio that carries 5-7 cards and has a compartment for cash. Like every Pad & Quill product, it also comes with a 25-year leather warranty.

$70 at Pad & Quill

Affordable versatility: Silk Wallet Slayer Case

Silk's Wallet Slayer Case offers exactly what you need from a wallet case: pure functionality. This particular case offers the wallet functionality through a discrete built-in three-card compartment that can also store cash in case you are old fashioned. It's slim and textured profile ensure a snug and comfortable fit in the hand.

$15 at Amazon

Minimalist holder: Dockem Luxe Wallet Case

A great wallet case option worth considering is the Dockem Luxe Wallet Case. It integrates two slots into the body of the case giving it a super slim profile. That's perfect for when carrying around. The unique canvas finish gives it a very unique look that stands out from the sea of other cases.

$15 at Amazon

Full-on wallet: Kihuwey Wallet Case

The Kihuwey Wallet Case is basically a folio wallet on your case via its ingenious magnet design. When closed, it almost looks like a regular case, but pull open the top cover and you are presented with a one cash holder, two card holders ,and a large holder that can store up to three cards, and you may be able to squeeze in an extra one.

$15 at Amazon

The book wallet: We've South Journal Wallet Case

If you want to add an element of academia to your wallet case, the Twelve South Journal is the perfect case for you. The book-like wallet case looks quite elegant, as it should with its full leather finish. The wallet cover adds a 3-slot wallet and an ID window, plus it can be maneuvered to act as a stand for your phone. A jack of all trades, if you will.

$70 at Amazon

Conventional functionality: Speck Presidio Wallet Case

Want a wallet case and a rugged case? Enter Speck's Presidio Wallet Case, boasting its signature Impactium frame made of dynamic shock-absorbing material that will easily protect your phone. Moving on to the back, that's where the wallet slots live, letting your store up to three cards and some loose cash.

$36 at Amazon

Stash your cash: Incipio Stashback Wallet Case

The thing about the Incipio Stashback Wallet Case is that its name says it all. You stash you cash in the back compartment. That's good to know. In all seriousness, this case is actually quite ingenious because it's almost like a safe. When closed, it doesn't even look like a wallet case, but slide the back cover open, and you get access to your cards and cash.

$35 at Amazon

Pretty in pink: ZVE Wallet Case

This one may be a little out there, but sometimes we need a little bit of weird in our lives. The ZVE Wallet Case is not your typical wallet case, utilizing a very loud zipper pocket to do the heavy lifting, yet it looks awesome. Sure, it might not be for everybody, especially in its pink finish, but it will be perfect for someone out there. On top of that, the wallet compartment is very spacious for your wallet needs.

$16 at Amazon

Turn your phone case into a wallet

Now you have the pick of the litter of wallet cases for your iPhone XS. Each offers something unique that stands out from the other selections and may better appeal to you whether you are into the folio look or want something slimmer.

Our favorite is the Nomad Rugged Folio. It offers a stunning design complete with high-quality Horween Leather that will age beautifully and develop a rich patina finish. Its card compartment also offers plenty of versatility.

If the rugged design doesn't quite strike your fancy, another great option is the Apple Leather Folio. The first-party case offers Apple's attention to detail with a snug finish, rich color options and smart cover functionality that wakes up the phone when it opens.

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