Best wall clock TechnoBuffalo 2020

In today's modern, fast-paced world, it's as important as ever to know when you are in the world, not just where. A wall clock, easily seen, can help you keep track of appointments and reassure you that you really do have enough time to get everything done. We spent some time — get it? — with a lot of different wall clocks and picked our favorites, so you don't have to waste any minutes on which one you want.

Best overall: Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock

Staff Pick

This wall clock is the most straightforward design and one that we've seen in countless office spaces. It is perfect for its easy-to-read face, silent running, and a design that fits in any room of your house. This clock is also incredibly cheap, so if you need to buy more than one — for the office space, for example — you can, and still have money left over for a few fake plants.

$13 at Amazon

For the kids: Telling Time Teaching Clock

This clock is not only helpful for teaching children the time, but you can also use the color-coding to assign tasks for certain times of the day. We use it for "clean up" time and "calm-down" time, and it works well with our toddler.

$26 at Amazon

Time to be beautiful: Foxtop Modern Silent Quartz Wall Clock

Not all clocks have to be ugly and functional; they can be beautiful and practical too. This rose gold clock will look good in any modern home and bring a touch of class to the room it is in. It is also silent, so won't disturb your days with the tick tick tick.

$15 at Amaozon

All of the imformation you need: WallarGe Digital Wall Clock

Analog clocks are pretty, sure, but they only do one thing; tell the time. An excellent digital wall clock like the WallarGe will also give you other vital information at a glance. The temperature, the humidity, as well as the date and time, are all easily visible on the clock face.

$28 at Amazon

A vintage look: Bekith 12-Inch Round Classic Clock

This wall clock has a vintage aesthetic that would look good in any classically decorated home. The dark frame and sepia face give the clock a weathered look while the modern quartz clock works as a modern clock should.

$14 at Amazon

Rustic time keeping: FirsTime & Co. Farmstead Barn Door Wall Clock

Sometimes you don't need a clock for telling the time, but you need a statement piece in your home. This clock mounted to a barn shutter is over two feet square and looks fantastic. My friend has a rustic barn styled home, and this would fit perfectly mounted above her fireplace.

$81 at Amazon

Take your time to decide

As you can see, we tried to accommodate a lot of different tastes in our collection here. Still, for the best overall wall clock, we had to choose the Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock. It's an incredibly cheap and straightforward wall clock that does exactly what it needs to do without being intrusive or overly tacky. If all you want is to know the time, this is the clock for you.

If you are like me, however, and you need to know as much information as possible, or you forgot what the date is five times a day — also like me — then you may want to give the WallarGe Digital Wall Clock a try. It tells you everything you need to know in a format big enough to see from anywhere in the room.

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