Best Vision Action Figures TechnoBuffalo 2022

First appearing in 1968, Vision is a powerful android with abilities such as super strength, flight, density control, and regeneration. Whether you love his classic comic design or his more updated look, which audiences saw starting in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, there are some excellent action figures for the android.

With Ultron head: Marvel Retro Collection Vision

Defeat Ultron and create your own Marvel adventure with this 6-inch Vision action figure, which features the character's retro comic design. The classic yellow and green colors translate beautifully to this small figure, complete with flowing cape and detailed purple face. As a bonus, the figure comes with the head of Ultron.

$25 at Amazon

Small but mighty: Marvel Legends Series Vision

This small but mighty action figure stands at 3.75 inches tall, but don't let its size fool you. It features Vision's classic comics design, plenty of impressive detail, and a lot of articulation, so you can pose the figure as you see fit.

$15 at Amazon

Comic-inspired: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Vision

With high articulation and an impressive attention to detail, this Vision figure sticks to the character's iconic green and yellow design. The action figure comes with a Hulk Buster build-a-figure, with the other pieces sold separately.

$46 at Amazon

Unique powers: Marvel Universe Vision Phasing

One of the more unique selections, this action figure displays Vision using his powerful phasing ability. The action figure features high articulation and comes with a display stand, so you can show off Vision's power on a desk or bookshelf.

$15 at Amazon

Bring evil to justice

Vision has been an important member of the Avengers for decades and proved to be a significant part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These action figures do a fantastic job of capturing the character's retro comic design, with a green and yellow color scheme clashing with his purple face. The Marvel Heroes Titan Series perfectly recreates the hero's classic comic look.

If you want something more unique, we like the Vision action figure using his phasing superpower. Not only does it feature an awesome design, but it shows the android using one of his best powers.

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