As the year ends, we here at TechnoBuffalo are spending a lot of time looking back on what was. 2012 may not have been the absolute best year for gaming, but it did produce some positively exceptional trailers.

We've decided to present our five favorite trailers, in no particular order, from 2012.

Borderlands 2 brings the wub.

This is when Gearbox told us to prepare our joypuking muscles. We did. It still wasn't enough. This Borderlands 2 trailer served as a great preamble for the variety and humor that game was bound to deliver.

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Grand Theft Auto V is looking good.

Only the second official Grand Theft Auto V trailer from Rockstar, this video unveiled a bit of the story we'll expect to see in next year's assuredly massive hit. Three protagonists, a wicked soundtrack and a ton of stuff to do.

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Minecraft launches on Xbox 360.

Mojang and 4J Studios brought Minecraft to the Xbox 360 this past spring. The launch trailer did it in complete style. It also managed to get me excited for a game I'd already dumped billions of hours into.

The Last of Us meets the end.

Out of all the trailers to release in 2012, this one for The Last of Us featured what I consider some of the best music. The selection is haunting, and it's one that made the clip all the more memorable. Sure, it doesn't tell us what to expect form moment to moment int he game, but it does paint a grim picture of Naughty Dog's upcoming title.

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The Journey launch trailer.

Finally, thatgamecompany's ambitions title Journey featured a trailer that managed to stick with me throughout the year. It wasn't the most bombastic offering, but it did show the world a brief glimpse of the beauty set to take place in the final product.

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What were some of your favorite gaming trailers from 2012?

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