Best USB-C Hubs for the MacBook Pro TechnoBuffalo 2020

Apple's latest MacBook Pros are powerful computers that are tailor-made for professionals. However, there is one area about them that isn't quite up to par: the port selection. There are no USB-A ports or SD card slots, among others that you might need. Don't fret — this isn't a deal breaker with the proper USB-C hub.

Ports galore: HyperDrive USB-C Hub

Staff Favorite

The best USB-C Hub you can buy right now is the HyperDrive USB-C Hub. The hub connects right to your MacBook Pro via the two USB-C ports. Its aluminum finish seamlessly blends right into the MacBook, and the port array it adds is amazing. You get two USB-A, HDMI, SD card, microSD card, and two USB-C ports.

$74 at Amazon

Extended versatility: Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub

Kingston makes a fantastic hub with the Nucleus USB-C Hub. The versatile hub has a cable that separates it from the computer, making it very malleable, and the end offers all kinds of ports — two USB-A, two USB-C, HDMI, SD card and microSD card slots. As a note, it'll also work with MacBook Air and MacBook laptops.

$50 at Amazon

More ports, more power: Satechi USB-C Hub

Sleek, stylish and color-matched, the Satechi USB-C Hub is a great way to reclaim some of the missing ports on the MacBook Pro. It slaps right onto your laptop and instantly adds two USB-A, SD card, microSD Card, and USB-C ports. The brushed aluminum body will also look great next to your MacBook.

$45 at Amazon

The one true port: Anker USB-C Hub

Whereas USB-C is supposed to represent the future, USB-A is still the present, and not having them on the MacBook Pro really sucks. Enter the Anker USB-C Hub, which aims solely to add the forgotten port. Via the slick and aluminum hub, you get four USB-A (3.0) ports that will transfer speeds at up to 5Gbps, perfect if you want to transfer data quickly.

$20 at Amazon

Go old school with Ethernet: AmazonBasics USB-C Hub with Ethernet

We've presented plenty of options to add ports, yet there is one we didn't cover: the Ethernet port, an old standby. The AmazonBasics USB-C Hub is great to unlock it. It's not used readily by most people, but if you want fast internet, plugging directly into Ethernet is always the way to go. This option opens the door for 5Gbps data transfer speeds for BASE-T network performance. You also get three USB-A ports.

$24 at Amazon

The throwback hub: UGREEN USB-C Hub

By this point, you're covered for most common ports, but if you need something like the VGA port, UGREEN's USB-C Hub is your hub of choice. It's similar to our other recommendations in terms of design, but its port offering is quite exotic with HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, SD card, and microSD card slots.

$60 at Amazon

Welcome back ports

We will never understand why Apple got rid of all the ports (not named USB-C) off the MacBook Pro. We can try to understand the exclusion Thunderbolt 2 and to a lesser degree MagSafe, but there is no reason not to include at least one USB-A port or at least an SD card slot. Thankfully, it's quite easy to add these ports back with the proper USB-C hub.

Our staff favorite is the HyperDrive USB-C Hub. It's the easiest and simplest way to add the ports Apple excluded from its main laptop. Better yet, it adds those ports in a sleek fashion by connecting right to the laptop, almost becoming one with it. You'll now have two USB-A ports, HDMI, SD Card slot, microSD Card slot, and two additional USB-C ports.

Another great option is the Kingston Nucleus USB-C Hub. This hub is quite versatile thanks to the extended cable that gives you more flexibility with the extra ports you will need. The sleek and flat design also makes this a great USB-C hub to travel with since it doesn't add any additional bulk.

You are now ready to reclaim all of the lost ports on the MacBook Pro.

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