We've already picked the five best phones you can buy right now. But what about what's coming in the next few months? (I can't believe it's June already.)

This year has already seen the release of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, two high-end smartphones that are but a taste of what's to come. If you own either of those devices, congratulations. You can't go wrong with either.

However, the real party has yet to get started. The Essential Phone was officially unveiled recently, while OnePlus has confirmed the OnePlus 5 is coming  June 20. And later this year, we're expecting a few other big releases, including the much-anticipated iPhone 8, which will celebrate the device's tenth anniversary.

Below is a list of smartphones we can't wait to see released.

OnePlus 5

The rumors for the OnePlus 5 have come thick and fast. There have been so many, in fact, that OnePlus executives have pre-empted the phone's announcement to confirm some specs, including the fact that it'll feature a Snapdragon 835 chip. So, yeah, we know it'll be among the most powerful devices when it launches—it'll supposedly feature a dual camera setup, too.

If that doesn't excite you, then nothing will. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the latest tech could potentially drive the OnePlus 5's price up. The OnePlus 3T (at $439) was the company's most expensive phone yet. All signs point to the OnePlus 5's price being even higher.

To get a more thorough idea of what to expect, check out our roundup of all the latest rumors.

Essential Phone

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone is a big risk, but one that we're very glad exists. Made of titanium and ceramic, the device sports a laundry list of high-end specs, from a Snapdragon 835 chip to a dual-camera setup.

But what really sets the Essential Phone apart is its take on modularity. Similar to what we saw from the Moto Z, the Essential Phone features a magnetic connector that makes it super easy to attach additional accessories. Among the first to support the feature is a tiny 360-degree camera.

The jury's out on whether the Essential Phone will be a hit. But based on what we know, it's prospects for success are looking good.

Galaxy Note 8

Imagine the Galaxy S8, but better. That's what we're expecting from the Galaxy Note 8 when it launches later this year. And, yes, Samsung will allegedly continue to support the Note line despite last year's unfortunate Note 7 recall.

With the Note 8, we're expecting Samsung to keep the Galaxy S8's design mostly intact, including that gorgeous Infinity Display. One major difference may include a fingerprint sensor below the display, as well as a dual-camera setup. Of course, the device will also come with S Pen support.

When you put it that way, the Note 8 may be an early frontrunner for smartphone of the year. We still love the Note 7 despite the recall, hence the gallery above.

Google Pixel 2

Google's first smartphone was a rousing success, but it came with a lot of caveats. Its design was mediocre, and it lacked high-end features like wireless charging, expandable storage, and water and dust resistance. Still, it was our favorite phone of 2016, mainly because of its camera.

Rumor has it Google will double down on the Pixel's camera and make it even better. The search giant is also rumored to be working on three different models, which is fine by us. I imagine one of those will feature an edge-to-edge screen, dual-camera setup, and all the bells and whistles.

If Google can create hardware on the level of the Galaxy S8 while providing users with exclusive Android O features, it'll be difficult to pass up.

iPhone 8

This year will mark the iPhone's tenth anniversary and, as such, expectations are sky-high. Can Apple deliver? It might if the rumors are to be believed.

The iPhone 8 is said to feature an edge-to-edge display, upgraded internal specs, a sleeker design, wireless charging, and more. Essentially, the device will take the groundwork laid by the Galaxy S8 and build its own super phone.

But here's where the iPhone 8 could stand above the rest: Reports claim Touch ID will live beneath the 5.8-inch OLED display, while the phone is said to support advanced augmented reality features. Are you excited yet?

Bonus: Let's not forget aboutthe LG V30

We would be remiss not to mention the LG V30, which got the concept treatment recently. Clearly, the device has the potential to be a dark horse as this year's most innovative device. If it even exists at all.

If LG can combine the ideas of the LG V20 with the LG G6, it could be on to something really great. Not much is known about the device just yet, but we're sure LG is hard at work at coming up with its next dual-screen flagship.

Clearly, consumers have a lot to look forward to over the next several months. As good as the Galaxy Note 8 sounds, we can't help but fawn over the Pixel 2's potential. And, in the immediate future, the OnePlus 5 will give the Galaxy S8 a run for its money.

It's an abundance of riches, which is both good and bad. Whatever device you decide to get, one thing's for sure: The race for smartphone of the year will be tighter than ever. See? We told you smartphones would be exciting this year.