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Even with the brightest overhead lights, wall cabinets can still block out some light and cast shadows on your work areas. Installing under-cabinet lighting is a superb way of sprucing up your space while illuminating those dark spots around the house. Whether you are going for large-scale renovation or minor remodeling, our best under-cabinet lighting kits provide perfect crisp lighting or soft illumination, just as you'd like it.

Shine 4 Panels 12 inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Infrared sensor: EShine 12 inch LED Dimmable Panels

Staff Pick

Made of sturdy and high-quality materials, the Eshine 4 panel 12" under cabinet lighting delivers ultra-bright lighting with less power. It has an IR sensor that enables you to activate the lights with a simple hand wave. You can adjust the brightness by placing your hand under the sensor.

$60 at Amazon
Phonar 36 Inch 4000K Under Cabinet Lighting

Ultra thin: Phonar 36 Inch 4000K Under-Cabinet Lighting

With a thin and light design, you can mount the Phonar 36" under-cabinet light anywhere. It has an on and off sensor touch that makes it easy to use. The light offers you excellent brightness with 4000 Kelvin temperature and 1000 lumens. You can easily install it with screws or sticky tapes.

$42 at Amazon
LEPOTEC Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

Motion sensor: LEPOTEC Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

For efficient performance and a long lifespan of an impressive 80,000 hours, go for the LEPOTEC cabinet lights. It comes with ten ultra-bright LEDs and compact enough save space. The panel has an automatic motion sensor with three light modes; on, off, and auto.

$22 at Amazon
OxyLED 20 LED Under Cabinet Lights

Super rechargeable: OxyLED 20 LED Under-Cabinet Lights

Motion-sensing technology is fantastic for under-cabinet lighting. The OxyLED lights have an automatic motion sensor that turns on when movement is detected in the dark and within 10ft. The lights come with a built-in 3.7V 700mAh rechargeable battery, a magnetic strip for easy mounting.

$13 at Amazon
Lvyinyin Under Cabinet Puck Lights

Smart lights: Lvyinyin Under-Cabinet Puck Lights

These LED puck lights, the Lvyinyin dimmable under-cabinet lighting kit, works with an in-line smart on or off touch dimmer switch. The puck lights are 0.31 inches thick, which makes them invisible unless you turn the lights on. You can easily install the lights as everything is straightforward.

$40 at Amazon
TORCHSTAR LED Safe Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Safety first: TORCHSTAR LED Safe Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

The TORCHSTAR under-cabinet lighting kit's energy-efficient LEDs are great in step, closet, display box, under-cabinet, and under-counter lighting. Each light bar comes with a male and female connector on either end to make the connection way easy. The light kit is flexible and easy to install.

$31 at Amazon
Harrrrd Hardwired Inch LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Best for large cabinets: Harrrrd Hardwired LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

For large spaces like cabinet counters and shelves, the best choice is the Harrrd Hardwired 36" LED under-cabinet lighting. As much as it's rated 20W, it's still energy efficient. The light is made with a glare-free frosted lens that protects the eyes from warm, bright light. Installation and maintenance are pretty easy too.

$39 at Amazon
EShine 3 12 Inch LED Panels  Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Sufficient shine: EShine LED Dimmable Panels

For you to activate or deactivate this Eshine LED panel under-cabinet lights, you just need to wave your hand. You can adjust the light level by placing your hands below the sensor. The model has two easy installation options, which are 3M stickers and screws.

$50 at Amazon
ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Lights on a budget: ASOKO Dimmable LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

Enjoy three brightness levels with the ASOKO dimmable LED under-cabinet lighting. You can set the ideal brightness for reading or housework using one soft silicone switch. It comes with built-in magnets that allow for easy installation and removal of the light anytime.

$16 at Amazon
PeakPlus LED Motion Sensor Light

Peak performance: PeakPlus LED Motion Sensor Light

This incredibly stylish and durable PeakPlus LED light is made of aluminum alloy cases. Activation happens through its motion sensor within 10-17 ft of the dark area. It has a magnetic bar adhesive strip that enables easy installation. It turns off within 10-15 seconds of no motion detection.

$21 at Amazon
LDOPTO Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Remote controlled: LDOPTO Wireless LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

With both remote and touch controls, the LDOPTO wireless LED under-cabinet lighting makes it easy for you to adjust the lights' timing, brightness, and color. When the remote is not available, you can easily use the touch switch. You get three panels with exceptionally bright, high-quality LEDs.

$25 at Amazon

Our top picks

There are many factors to consider when choosing your best under-cabinet lighting. They include but are not limited to the type of lighting, energy consumption, color temperature and location, and method of installation. Most of the options we listed are quite economical, and you don't have to dent your wallet to enjoy a well-lit space.

If you are looking for a high-quality model that provides ultra-bright lighting with less power consumption, go with our best under-cabinet lighting — the EShine 12 inch LED Dimmable Panels. A lighter model is an excellent choice if you are hoping for easy mounting. The Phonar 36 Inch 4000K Under-Cabinet Lighting is lightweight, easy to install, and can fit anywhere.

Wires can be an eyesore, especially in modern spaces with exceptional decor. With the LEPOTEC Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights you can kiss wires goodbye since a rechargeable battery powers this light. Also, it's pretty compact, and it will last you long enough.

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