Best Turkey Fryers TechnoBuffalo 2021

Experience a culinary adventure and ditch the roasting pan. Turkey fryers give you a delicious main course that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Savor the flavor in each bite and enjoy guilt-free when you use peanut or canola oil.

Masterbuilt electric turkey fryer

It's electric!: Masterbuilt MB20012420 Electric Fryer

Staff Favorite

Large enough to accommodate a 20-pound turkey, this electric fryer uses less oil than traditional fryers. Featuring an extra-large wire basket, a built-in drain value for easy cleanup, and a breakaway cord for safety, this fryer will cook up a delicious meal for a few or a crew.

$121 at Amazon
Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kit

Bird is the word: Bayou Classic "Big Bird" Turkey Deep Fryer Kit

This enormous kit is perfect for turkeys 25 pounds or more! This kit features a 44-quart stainless steel fryer pot, a vented lid, an insulated glove, perforated rack, grab hook, thermometer, and seasoning injector. This well-built kit certainly lives up to it's "Big Bird" name.

$260 at Amazon
Bayou classic turkey fryer pot

Cooking up something: Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Pot and Accessories

This set has everything you need to fry a turkey. Complete with a 30-quart turkey fryer pot, a lid, poultry rack, grab hood, thermometer, and seasoning injector, you'll be all set to get cooking. Designed for large turkeys, this pot will fry it in as little as 45 minutes.

$38 at Amazon
Bayou classic high pressure cooker

Under pressure: Bayou Classic 14-inch High Pressure Cooker

If you're already all set with your turkey fryer pot and accessories, this is a reliable high-pressure cooker needed to get the perfect fry. It has a 14-inch wide cooking surface, which can support pots up to 102 quarts. This cast aluminum burner won't rust and is finished in heat resistant paint.

$65 at Amazon

Take a bite of crispy goodness

A fried turkey is said to more moist, more flavorful, and never a bit of slimy as compared to a roast turkey. However, cooking with oils can be worrisome as there are spills, splashes, and burns. Our favorite, the Masterbuilt Electric Fryer, will leave you worry free and give you a perfect, fried turkey. Complete with a wire basket and built-in oil drain, you can fry up a tasty 20 pound turkey.

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